Saufcorn -Trink dich Pink [UPDATE]

Saufcorn is a drinking game, currently only available in German.

You roll two die, and then look at the arrow. It shows you who has to take the card. On the cards there are many different categories and activities such as rhyme, pantomime, but also crazy one such as imitating an animal.

When the arrow point at you, you turn into the vomiting unicorn. When a vomiting event is triggered, a rainbow card gets shown, that only has to be done by the current unicorn.

The game features currently nearly 100 cards, that are categorised in 4 types: Rainbow, Normal, Secret an Jokers. In the future we add a lot of cards to the game, so it stays fun 🙂


You can Download the App here:


The iOS App is here:


Unheap – Top 5 .js libraries

Unheap is an repository of .js libaries you can use in your current project. They have hundreds over hundreds of them categorized into categories like UI, Inputs and Media, which have sub categories again. This makes it very easy to browse them and to compare them.  Also a lot of them have demos, and thats why you can waste so much time there. It is just like 9gag for web developers, except with neat little libraries instead of pictures. And therefore that you do not have to browse all of them heres are my top 5 .Unheap .js libraries:

5. Shards

Shards is a library that creates nice backgrounds for jumbotrons. It creates an effect that looks like scattered glass.

Find it here

4. multiScroll.js

multiScroll splits the webpage in a left and right side. These scroll independently from the top and bottom of the page and create an nice effect. Just try it yourself

Find it here

3. fullPage.js

Ever tried to create some views that fill the whole screen, but you still want the page to be scrollable. Yea you could just make their position absolute, but there’s a much easier way of doing it. fullPage.js, which is from the guy who made multiScroll.js, allows you to create views that adapt to the screen size.

Find it here

2. Focus Point

Everybody knows the problem. Adding a full width header image to your page. of course you have to cut out the left and the right to make it responsive but what, if there is an building you wanna keep the focus on? Focus Point helps you, fixing an focus in an responsive image. No matter how much you cut off the picture the focus point allways stays in the middle.

Find it here

1. Sweet Alert

Sweet Alert adds a new type of alert to you page. It supports warning and success messages, prompts and confirms. And they look awesome! Check them out! They may become handy in your next project

Find it here

console.log("Hello World");


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