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We are developers #WAD 17

The last few days I've been to the #WAD17 conference in Vienna. It was the second year I attended the conference. While last year, about 400 people attended the conference, this year over 3800 people came from over 50 countries, making it the biggest dev conference in Europe. With over …

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Saufcorn - Trink dich Pink [UPDATE]

Saufcorn is a drinking game, currently only available in German. You roll two die, and then look at the arrow. It shows you who has to take the card. On the cards there are many different categories and activities such as rhyme, pantomime, but also crazy one such as imitating …

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Unheap - Top 5 .js Libraries

Unheap is an repository of .js libaries you can use in your current project. They have hundreds over hundreds of them categorized into categories like UI, Inputs and Media, which have sub categories again. This makes it very easy to browse them and to compare them. Also a lot of …

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